Retirement Income Simulator

We have just added a much requested feature! You now can now model your home loan inside the "Other assets/income" panel: home loan feature setting

By selecting Yes, repaying you'll get a nice graph showing your home loan balance:

home loan balance graph

The good news is that if your home loan is paid off before retirement, then everything works much the same as it always has.

However, if your home loan is not paid off by retirement, then you'll see a notification:

home loan notification

Which will hopefully set off some alarm bells!

If you want to pay off your home loan when you retire, you can use the "Retirement Lump Sums" panel:

home loan payoff using lump sums

This allows you to assign a lump sum withdrawal to pay off your loan, so you can see where you stand for retirement.

If you were to withdraw a lump sum to pay off your home loan, you can see it reflected in the home loan graph:

home loan paid off

And of course, this is then reflected in your super balance :

home loan paid off

We hope that this new feature makes the calculator even more flexible and gives you options for planning for your retirement. If you have any queestions don't be afraid to contact us.

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