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Transition to retirement strategy calculator

Applicable to persons over preservation age

This calculator generates factual information illustrating the effect of different strategies in respect of salary sacrifice contributions and effecting a Transition to Retirement Income Stream, and it is only applicable to people who have attained their preservation age and are under age 65.

This calculator is intended for educational and information purposes only and does not constitute a recommendation or statement of opinion about superannuation contributions nor the level of pension.

In generating this information the calculator will have regard to your age, salary, starting pension balance, extent of salary sacrifice and the amount you elect to receive as an income stream. Please note this calculator does not take into account the Low Income Superannuation Tax Offset. You can use the Contributions calculator to see the impact of this provision.

Importantly, this calculator is for the 2018/2019 year only. It allows for legislated changes to super that came into effect from 1 July 2017, including reduced before-tax (concessional) and after-tax (non-concessional) contribution caps.

While this calculator does not allow for investment earnings, you should be aware that from 1 July 2017, Transition to Retirement Income Streams are now subject to tax on investment earnings.

First State Super cannot guarantee the suitability of these projections or assumptions to your financial circumstances and for this reason you should not make any decision on the information provided without first consulting a licensed, or appropriately authorised, financial adviser.

Please note, most temporary residents are not eligible for Transition to Retirement Income Streams.

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